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Summary of Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) 2019 - 2021

During 2018 -19 FHDC undertook an extensive public consultation to renew its existing PSPO. The original PSPO ran from June 2015 - June 2018 and this was then extended for one year to June 2019. The previous PSPO covered four measures that addressed certain types of anti - social behaviour.

Following public consultation the new PSPO was implemented in June 2019 and covers seven measures that address antisocial behaviour being experienced, covering bespoke areas of the District. 

What do Public Spaces Protection Orders do?

Under this Order, Kent Police and Folkestone & Hythe District Council are able to move on anyone who continues to act in an anti-social manner having been asked not to do so within the criteria of the Order.

What activities does the order cover?

  1. Begging
  2. Anti-social alcohol consumption
  3. The use of intoxicating substances
  4. Urinating, spitting or defecating
  5. Anti-social street entertainment
  6. Unauthorised street fundraising and marketing (Chugging)
  7. Unauthorised camping

Icon for pdf PSPO June 2019 Final Order [221.3KB]

Where does the Order apply?

The Order applies to the restricted areas within the boundaries as per the maps. Please note some measures are to specific areas which need to be referenced to the schedule in the final Order. 

The full area can be seen on these maps

Icon for pdf Map 1 - Folkestone PSPO 2019-2021 [1.88MB]

Icon for pdf Map 2 - Cheriton PSPO 2019-2021 [1.86MB]

Icon for pdf Map 3 - Sandgate and Seabrook PSPO 2019-2021 [1.77MB]

Icon for pdf Map 4 - Hawkinge PSPO 2019-2021 [1.43MB]

Icon for pdf Map 5 - Hythe PSPO 2019-2021 [542.8KB]

Icon for pdf Map 6 - Littlestone and Greatstone PSPO 2019 - 2021 [1.33MB]

Icon for pdf Map 7 - St Mary's Bay and Dymchurch PSPO 2019-2021 [1.47MB]

Icon for pdf Map 8 - New Romney PSPO 2019-2021 [1.17MB]

Icon for pdf Map 9 - Lydd PSPO 2019-2021 [1.26MB]

Icon for pdf Map 10 - Play areas PSPO 2019-2021 [1.63MB]

Icon for pdf Map 11 - Churchyards and Cemeteries PSPO 2019-2021 [1.7MB]

Date of effect

This Order came into effect on 21 June 2019

Length of Order

This Order will have effect for a period of 3 years, with an initial review after one year. 

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