We are sorry for the issues some residents are experiencing with their waste collections. Report a missed bin here.

We are sorry for the issues some residents are experiencing with their waste collections. Report a missed bin here.

We are sorry that due to problems being experienced by our contractor Veolia the garden waste collection service has been suspended temporarily.

We apologise to all those residents affected and we understand the difficulties this suspension may create. We are advised by Veolia that suspending the garden waste service will enable the Veolia crews to prioritise clinical, food, refuse and recycling rounds.

Garden waste can be taken to the Kent County Council household waste recycling sites (tips) which are open on a booking basis. Visit the Kent County Council website to find your nearest waste recycling centre.

Frequently asked questions about temporary suspension

Residents rightly have questions about our agreement to a request from Veolia UK to temporarily suspend the collection of garden waste. We have done our best to answer the most frequently asked ones below.

Why have garden waste collections been suspended?

Veolia UK asked to temporarily suspend the garden waste collection service on Wednesday (21 July).

This is due to a national shortage of HGV drivers and COVID-19 isolation requirements.

How long do you expect the suspension to last?

We are working to resolve this as soon as possible and keep the disruption to a minimum.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have any further information.

When can I find out more about getting a rebate?

We have had to act swiftly and are currently working on making the rebate as soon as is practicable in this financial year.

We will be in contact with those affected in due course.

What help is available for those who can't visit a tip?

We appreciate this decision may cause some difficulties. It is temporary and we hope family/friends can help in the meantime.

The most environmentally friendly thing to do for now - if possible - is to compost your garden waste.

Fly-tipping is an offence. Incidents will be investigated and further action taken where there is sufficient evidence.

Missed bins

Your bin can be collected any time from 7am to 5pm on your collection day. Please do not report a missed bin until after 5pm.

If your recycling and waste containers were not presented at the edge of your property when the crew came to empty them you will need to wait until your next collection date. 

If you need to report a missed bin collection you can do so online 24/7 below.

Collection days

You can check your bin collection day through our MyAccount service.

Service changes

Route changes put in place by our contractor have meant that some residents are experiencing issues with their bin collections. We're really sorry that this is the case - you can view our full apology, as well as a letter from our contractor Veolia, here.

You can find out more about the waste collection changes here.

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