Relief and reductions

If you're a small business, charity or sports clubs, or meet other criteria, you can apply for a business rate relief or reduction

Available reliefs and reductions

There are a number of different reliefs and reductions available:

  • retail relief
  • small business rate relief
  • rural rate relief (use this Icon for pdf map [1.13MB] to see if you're in an eligible parish)
  • charitable rate relief eg charities, sports clubs, non-profit organisations
  • hardship relief
  • exempted buildings and empty buildings relief
  • transitional relief
  • relief for pubs

Icon for pdf Small_Business_Rates_Relief_2019_2020 [184.4KB]

Use this link to GOV.UK to find out about each type of relief or reduction.

Discretionary rate relief

If you're applying for charitable rate relief, you may be eligible for Icon for pdf discretionary rate relief [36.04KB] which can top up the discount by an extra 20%.

Discretionary rate relief, apply online using the form on the right.

Reliefs we'll automatically apply

We'll automatically apply:

  • retail relief
  • transitional relief
  • relief for pubs
  • exempted buildings and empty buildings relief (you'll need to let us know if your property becomes vacant)

This relief is available from 1 April 2019-31 March 2020 for occupied businesses with a rateable value lower than 51,000.

Ratepayers can benefit from one third off their business rates bill if the property is wholly or mainly used as a shop, restaurant, café or drinking establishment. If you are not in receipt of this but think you should be please contact our offices.

Paying the right amount of business rates

We always try to inform you when changes in legislation impact on the reliefs and exemptions that are available to your business.

Contact us and we can advise you of the reliefs and exemptions that are available and explain whether they apply to your business. This is a free service so please contact us for advice before paying for the services of a Business Rates Consultant.

How to apply


How to apply
Type of reliefApplication method
Discretionary rate reliefApply online using the Discretionary Rate Relief form on the right
Small businessesApply online using the Small business rate relief form on the right 
Rural rate reliefGet in touch
Charitable rate reliefDownload, complete and return the Icon for pdf application form [106.41KB]
Hardship reliefDownload, complete and return the Icon for pdf application form [93.4KB]

What happens next?

How long does it take?

For small businesses, we aim to deal with your application in 10 days. For other application types, we'll send you a letter acknowledging your application and an approximate processing time.

If you're awarded a relief

We'll send you a new bill with the relief or reduction applied.

What if I'm not awarded a relief?

You can appeal if you are not awarded charitable or discretionary relief using the form below. You must do so within 15 working days of receipt of the decision.

Icon for pdf Appeal a charitable or discretionary rate relief decision [94.34KB]

If something changes

Any changes that may affect your entitlement to a current or pending relief award must be reported as soon as possible.

These changes may consist of a change in use or liability, a change in running costs or a change in unallocated reserves. Whilst very minor changes do not need to be reported, you are required to notify us of any more substantial changes that may affect your entitlement.

Changes affecting discretionary rate relief

If you have been awarded discretionary rate relief, and have had a change, please complete and return the form below.

Icon for pdf Charitable, discretionary, or rural rate relief change of circumstances [50.84KB]


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