Cancel Council Tax single person discount

Cancel your single person discount if you're no longer the only adult in a property

When do I need to complete this form?

You will need to notify us within 21 days if any of the following happen:

  • Anyone living with you reaches their 18th birthday
  • Anyone living with you finishes full-time education
  • Anyone over 18 years old moves in with you, even if they are a full-time student

Failing to notify us of a change that might affect your discount may result in a £70 penalty.

Please note that any discounts may be reviewed.

What information do I need to complete this form?

To complete the form you will need:

  • Your Council Tax reference number (you will find this on your bill)
  • Details of anyone who has recently started living with you, including where they have moved from
  • Copies of evidence if any of the people now living with you qualify for a disregard
  • If there is anything else you need to tell us that is not included on the form you must email us, providing your account number

Cancel a single person discount