Report benefits fraud

  1. About the person you suspect is committing fraud
    1. A form should be completed for each person involved. Please give as much information as possible which could help with our investigations.
    2. Who do you think is committing benefit fraud?
    3. Knowing what a person looks like will help with our investigations.
    4. Is the person working?
    5. Do they have a vehicle?
  2. Partner details:
    1. If the person committing fraud has a partner please continue and fill in the details for this section.
    2. What does their partner look like?
    3. Is their partner working?
    4. Does their partner have a vehicle?
  3. About you
    1. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. All the information you submit will be kept strictly confidential. If you would like us to contact you please fill in this section.