Affordable housing

Help to buy

Information and advice relating to any help to buy schemes in the district

What is Help to Buy?

The Help To Buy scheme helps people to get their foot on the property ladder.

Help To Buy also helps those people who wish to rent but cannot afford to pay market rents.

If you are interested and wish to apply you should go to the Help to Buy website and search for your local Help to Buy zone agent for Kent. 

They will assess your application and advise you of all the Help To Buy options for which you may be eligible.

Help to Buy Scheme

Who can benefit from Help to Buy?

Help To Buy helps people, usually first time buyers, who cannot afford to buy a property that suits their household needs on the open market.

All first time buyers may apply. Social tenants who wish to buy a property through Help To Buy are given top priority.

Help To Buy can also help people who have previously owned properties but are now unable to buy without assistance, for example in the case of relationship breakdowns, or families who are overcrowded in their existing homes.