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Apply for other licences and permits

Including scrap-metal dealers, boat and canoeing licences for the Royal Military Canal, caravan sites, and houses in multiple occupation

You can apply for a pavement licence if you want to put tables, chairs or other moveable furniture on the highway adjacent to a premises used for sale of food and drink.
You must have a licence if you want to run a caravan site, or if you live in a caravan that is not connected to a dwelling or used for farm work
To be a scrap metal dealer, you must hold either a site licence or a collectors licence.
A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a house occupied by people who do not live as a single household
You must have a licence if you wish to use a rowing boat, canoe, paddle board, dinghy or other small non-motorised craft between Seabrook Outfall and West Hythe Dam on the Royal Military Canal
If you want to show a film to a public audience, you must apply to either the British Board for Film Classification (BBFC) or us
If your business involves acupuncture, tattooing, cosmetic piercing, semi-permanent skin colouring (e.g. microblading) or electrolysis you must get registered before you start trading
If you wish to make house to house collections of money or goods, you must have a licence.
You'll need a permit if you want to collect money or sell items for charity on the street. Street includes any public area

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