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Our products and services

Our range of products and services support and keep you and your family safe at all times of the day and night, at home, work or play.

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Contact us today for more information or simply fill out our contact form and we will give you a call back and take you through the best options most suitable for you.

We will then send one of our team members out to your premises to give you a free demonstration, and get you up and running in no time at all.

To complete the online form, we will need the following information from you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Landline phone number
  • Proof of the location of a BT socket and an electric point socket
  • Contact information of family/friends and key holders to call in an emergency. 


Emergency Alert Systems                                 DescriptionPrice **
LifelineWhen you are in need of help at home, simply press the button on your wrist band or pendant, and you'll be connected within seconds to our control room£3.58 per week
FootprintGPS-enabled pendant allowing you the freedom to play and work away from home, with instant contact with our control room at the push of a button in an emergency£5.33 per week

 **One off installation fee applies from £40 (location dependent)


Sensor & Detector Alert System Add-onsDescriptionPrice **
Bed occupancy sensorA sensor mat that detects when the person leaves the bed, and sets off an alert to our control room via the Lifeline unit£6.75 per week
Epilepsy sensorDetects specific motions, sends alert, so we can call, chat and send responders, operated with a Lifeline unit£6.75 per week
Property exit sensorDetects when the door is opened, active at certain times of the day or all the time, and alerts our control room. Operated with a Lifeline unit£6.75 per week
Smoke detectorAlerts our control room as soon as smoke is detected. Operated with a Lifeline unit£2.33 per week
Fall detectorIf you fall it will automatically send an alert via the Lifeline unit, we call you back and ask if you are ok£2.65  per week
CO2 detectorSends an alert to the control room, via the Lifeline unit should carbon monoxide levels be detected £2.68  per week

 **One off installation fee applies from £40 (location dependent)

Service Add-onsDescriptionPrice **
Care AssistLifeline units are used by Care Homes residents.  Our Lifeline units are programmed so that call alerts go through to care home staff or care home residents and can also alert our 24/7 control centre team£3.33 per week
Daily check-in call serviceThose living on their own, that don't have contact with anyone regularly, we offer a daily check in call to chat and make sure you're ok, operated via the Lifeline unit£1.13 per week

 **One off installation fee applies from £40  (location dependent)

AccessoriesDescriptionPrice **
ADSL filtersIf the property is using broadband on the same phone landline, install this filter to split the line to ensure Lifeline calls can always get through£5 per unit
Big button phoneTelephone with large black buttons with white numbering, hearing aid compatibility, visual call indicator and earpiece volume control is the ideal phone for those with poor sight, hearing difficulties or limited dexterity£17.50 per unit
Minuet pendantA high quality, Swiss designed watch with ultra reliable with an integrated alarm operation that is linked to our Lifeline unit£85 per unit
Safe socketEnables Lifeline unit calls to get through at all times, even if you are on the other line, or left another phone off the hook£31.00 per unit
WristbandA wrist band with Lifeline365  control centre phone number, a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) to assist if you are found outside of your home and need help£24 per year

 **One off installation fee applies from £40  (location dependent)

Please read our Icon for pdf Lifeline Terms and Conditions [488.96KB]

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