District and Parish maps

To assist in understanding where councillors sit across the Folkestone and Hythe District area, maps are listed below for each District and Parish area.  

To view a map, click on the name of the ward or parish.

District Wards

Broadmead Ward (PDF, 1.63MB)
Cheriton Ward (PDF, 3.07MB)
East Folkestone Ward (PDF, 2.9MB)
Folkestone Central Ward (PDF, 1.87MB)
Folkestone Harbour Ward (PDF, 2.16MB)
Hythe Ward (PDF, 3.21MB)
Hythe Rural Ward (PDF, 2.86MB)
New Romney Ward (PDF, 1.88MB)
North Downs East Ward (PDF, 3.18MB)
North Downs West Ward (PDF, 3.17MB)
Romney Marsh Ward (PDF, 2.24MB)]
Sandgate and West Folkestone Ward (PDF, 2.44MB)
Walland and Denge Marsh Ward (PDF, 2.84MB)


Parish / Town Wards and Councils

Brenzett Parish Council (PDF, 1.13MB)
Brookland Parish Council (PDF, 1.26MB)
Burmarsh Parish Council (PDF, 1.19MB)
Dymchurch Parish Council (PDF, 1.03MB)
Elham Parish Council (PDF, 1.31MB)
Elmsted Parish Council (PDF, 1.18MB)
Broadmead Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 2.87MB)
Folkestone Central Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 3.42MB)
Cheriton East Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 2.55MB)
Cheriton West Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 2.55MB)
East Folkestone Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 4.28MB)
Harbour Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 2.79MB)
Harvey West Town Ward / Folkestone Town Council (PDF, 2.19MB)
Hawkinge Churchill Ward / Hawkinge Town Council (PDF, 3.14MB)
Hawkinge Fernfield Ward / Hawkinge Town Council (PDF, 2.84MB)
Hawkinge Uphill Ward / Hawkinge Town Council (PDF, 2.59MB)
Hythe East Ward / Hythe Town Council (PDF, 1.43MB)
Hythe North Ward / Hythe Town Council (PDF, 1.27MB)
Hythe South Ward / Hythe Town Council (PDF, 1.18MB)
Hythe West Ward / Hythe Town Council (PDF, 1.22MB)
Ivychurch Parish Council (PDF, 1.34MB)
Lydd Town Council (PDF, 1.48MB)
Etchinghill Ward of Lyminge Parish Council (PDF, 1.9MB)
Lyminge Ward of Lyminge Parish Council (PDF, 2.14MB)
Lympne Parish Council (PDF, 1.56MB)
New Romney Coast Town Ward / New Romney Town Council (PDF, 1.93MB)
New Romney Town Town Ward / New Romney Town Council (PDF, 2.31MB)
Newchurch Parish Council (PDF, 1.2MB)
Newington Parish Council (PDF, 1.78MB)
Postling Parish Council (PDF, 1.4MB)
Saltwood Parish Council (PDF, 1.64MB)
Sandgate Valley Ward / Sandgate Parish Council (PDF, 1.57MB)
Sandgate Village Ward / Sandgate Parish Council (PDF, 3.07MB)
Sellindge Parish Council (PDF, 1.5MB)
St Mary in the Marsh Ward / St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council (PDF, 2.45MB)
St Mary's Bay Ward / St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council (PDF, 1.98MB)
Stanford Parish Council (PDF, 1.25MB)
Stelling Minnis Parish Council (PDF, 1.42MB)
Swingfield Parish Council (PDF, 1.44MB)