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This petition is calling for a ‘Referendum on the lack of Governance, by Folkestone & Hythe District Council’

We the undersigned petition the council to This petition is calling for a ‘Referendum on the lack of Governance, by Folkestone & Hythe District Council’. We want the governance of this Council from a Cabinet system to a Committee system. We need to obtain 5% of the population in Folkestone & Hythe District (Formerly Shepway District). This percentage of numbers equates to 4,245. The Local Regulations (Referendum)(Petitions)(England) Regulations 2011 require: Each person signing this petition must provide their full name, address and date of signing. ONLY Folkestone & Hythe District residents can sign this Petition

My name is Ursula Vallis, I am the lead name on behalf of a group of concerned residents. Below are some of the concerns we have.
Did you know that our local council taxes in Folkestone and Hythe District are spent on:
• £100 million loan we are all having to pay for?
• £3 million spent on a castle?
• £2 million on Debenhams?
• £17 million on a commercial property building in Ashford?
• £26.2 million for the old Folkestone race course and land?
• And much more.

Our Council should be accountable to us.
We believe that Folkestone & Hythe residents need a better say on what our Council spends our money on. Taxpayers money should be spent for the future but must also meet the needs of our existing neighbourhoods.
Our Cause-: Make Folkestone & Hythe District Council distribute our ‘Finances and Services’ better and more fairly.
How are we going to do this? : We’d like your help to sign this petition. Together, we can tell our local council what we actually need for our communities.
Why Sign?: Let’s have a say in where and how our council tax is spent. We would like it spent on things we need - on our streets and in our towns.
Folkestone & Hythe District Council is responsible for:
1. street cleaning,
2. bin collections,
3. graffiti removal,
4. infrastructure,
5. devising, approving , and enforcing local laws relating to building, planning and health and well being of each individuel.

Maintaining the Leas is important to everyone living in Folkestone, but would you like our council to target more spending on for example, eradicating drug dens and cleaning up the neglected Dover Road neighbourhood.
We are questioning the unequal divide on how our council finances and services are disproportionately distributed across our neighbourhoods .

We should all have a say on how our local taxes and services are spent.
At the very least, we need safer, cleaner streets with well maintained pavements that encourage active lifestyles. We even need safe crossing points so that those most vulnerable – children and elderly – residents can cross the road themselves
Your wish list may be different?:
Rubbish and Litter
Youth facilities
Street lightening
Road Safety
Local GP services
Better bus routes
Disabilities awareness
Police & Crime
Better Housing

Whatever issue is top of your wish list - Together, we can change the way things have been done before. We need better governance – one that works for all of us.

What do we want from this referendum?

We want a commitment from FHDC to invest in existing communities within the district.
We want to see the reduction in crime and an increase in Community Safety Unit at FHDC.
We want to live in safe environments, that are well maintained in every aspect.
We want clean streets and improved waste collections in specific areas.
We want to stop family homes being turned into HMO’s, bedsits and flats in particular communities.
We want FHDC to use their influence in areas that are not theirs. Such as NHS local services, Bus routes, Safety crossings and poor quality pavements and roads, which affect our communities.
We want improved NHS facilities and better health care for our deprived areas.
We want mixed communities but not disproportionate ones.
We want better employment not low paid ones.
We want to stop planning applications that harm our communities and individual residents properties.
We want to hold council tax at its current rate fixed for 2 years, not huge hikes each year that are disproportionate to the services we receive and afford. Shocking increase of 16.9% for Hawkinge Town Council, increase in FHDC council tax every year for last 20 years, huge loans left to the existing council tax payers to pay with no benefits.
We want to see vibrant communities, thriving district economy, good leisure & sport for the district and above all safe communities where we all have a part to play.
This list is endless and the wan

This ePetition ran from 24/03/2021 to 30/06/2021 and has now finished.

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