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A bit about Me

I thought I would keep a blog of my Time on Shepway District Council,

Having never done a blog before I thought ‘How Hard Can It Be’ so before I start I thought I should write a bit of background as to how and why I became a district councillor for New Romney Town. Below is the article published in the Looker. A community Newspaper that I am a partner of and editor…


I have decided to write this occasional column for the paper to let you know about my adventures in the “Mystical Land of Shepway”. Before I start I should give you a little background into why I decided to stand.

I have never really been into the national political game, I can see merits in manifesto’s of most of the major parties, however I am really outraged to watch the

television and watch the way that the MP’s carry on, by needlessly shouting over the top of speeches and the mocking of each other.

My reason for standing started about three years ago when a local town councillor asked if I would be interested in joining New Romney Town Council.  I had no idea what the council actually did on a town level, so I went along and sat in on a meeting in the public gallery (which I would advise anyone to do if they are interested in the way the council works). I found that New Romney Council was made up of a wide cross section of the community, all of whom give up their spare time ‘Free of charge’ to do their bit for the council.

I agreed to join the council by being co-opted.  This can happen when there is a space on the council.  Having taken advice from several long term councillors from both Lydd and New Romney, which amounted to basically not to feel intimidated by the formal surroundings, but to get involved at whatever level I

felt comfortable with.

My first ‘run in’ with the town council was when I asked what the town council’s view was on the Lydd Airport expansion, as I would as a town councillor have to

respect that view.  I was amazed to find out that the council did not have a collective opinion!!  I thought that this was astonishing that something that would have such an effect on the Marsh was seen to be too much of a hot potato for them to have an opinion.

At this point I should point out that New Romney Town Council is deemed as non-political, and is made up of people with different views and opinions. The reason why I asked the question was because I had played a part in a poll of Marsh people via Romney Marsh FM and said that my opinion would be based on the outcome of what the majority of people wanted and I did not want a conflict of opinion. I have enjoyed some very enjoyable meetings at the council and most of the debates have always had some light hearted comments put into the mix.

The town council job is to advise the District Council on a number of subjects including Planning.  The planning committee looks at proposed plans and then makes a recommendation, to either accept the planning or refuse it, quite often adding recommendations to be added to the application.

This all sparked an interest in going one step further and standing for District Council. I was greatly influenced by Willie Richardson who suggested that I ‘have a go’. 

For me, Willie was a good example of what a District Councillor should be, a normal man who cared about the Marsh, who wanted to do his bit to make it a better place for local people to live.

I did not know if anyone would vote for me and considered standing as an independent.  However, as a member of the Conservative Party I felt that I would have more ‘clout’ with a party backing. It is also reassuring to know that I could pick the phone up and give our MP Damian Collins a call and ask his assistance, along with our Kent County Council member Carole Waters.

I then had to be selected by a committee of local conservatives, where I spoke for seven minutes explaining who I was, what I stood for and why.

Having been selected, I then had a meeting with my party Agent, Gordon Williams, whose job it is to represent all the Conservatives in Shepway and

Ashford. It is his job to write and print all the political manifesto’s which the party committee have decided are our priorities for the next four years on a local level.  

With this done I delivered my manifesto leaflets along with my fellow New Romney Town candidate. And duly turned up bright and breezy to the Scout Hut on election day. Along with the Labour candidate, who was a very likable man (some people were surprised to see that we were getting on very well). And like me, I think his intentions for what he wanted to do for New Romney were very positive. We both agreed that this is a local level and that national politics should not get in the way of what we could achieve and I would gladly work with him for the best of the town. 

I then headed home about 7 p.m. and prepared to go to the Leas Cliff Hall for what turned into a mammoth night of counting up votes for all the 46 seats in the council.  This was longer than usual as they also had to separate the AV Voting slips before the count could start. At 6.25 in the morning the New Romney Town vote was announced and I have to say I was very happy when I found out that I had been selected.

I returned home very tired but happy.  The next job was to attend the Civic Centre the following Monday to be shown around with the ten other new councillors.

I have a couple of ideas I would like to try and implement on a local level and will talk more about these after I have spoken to some professional friends, but basically I would like to work with The Channel Chamber of Commerce to set up a new business workshop giving advice on how to start up your own business. I intend to write an occasional column to keep you up to speed with what life is like as a Shepway District Councillor.   

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