Help keep our coastline free of dog poo

Dog owners are being reminded of the negative health impacts caused by failing to clean up after their four-legged friends.

Cllr Monk and Cllr Prater

Cllr David Monk and Cllr Tim Prater of Folkestone & Hythe District Council (F&HDC) joined forces to reinforce the message by applying "I'll take poo too!" stickers on normal waste bins along The Leas in Folkestone earlier today (November 7).

Dog poo contains high levels of harmful nitrates which can reduce the quality of our bathing water and harm local marine life.

Some wrongly think the waves will wash away dog waste left on beaches with no repercussions. And people may not realise mess dropped down road drains can also make its way into the water.

We all love spending time at the beach with our friends, family and pets. But one dog poo has as much harmful bacteria as 300 human poos. This can make people and animals ill, and affect the water quality. Dog waste can get to the water even if you aren't close to the beach through road drains and sewers. Please join the thousands of dog owners who are already helping to keep our waters safe by bagging your dog waste, then binning it. Don't forget you can place bagged dog waste in normal litter bins too.                          Cllr David Monk, F&HDC Leader

The district's coastline - with its 26 miles of sand and shingle beaches - offers great walks for dogs and their owners to enjoy.

We all want to see cleaner streets and beaches. It is important dog walkers know they don't have to hunt down a special bin to clean up after their dog - they can use any general waste bin. Cleaning up after your dog is both the right thing to do for your neighbours and neighbourhood - and even our sea water quality too.                               Cllr Tim Prater, F&HDC ward councillor for Sandgate and West Folkestone

Date published: 7 November 2019

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