District recycling rates rising

The amount of household waste being thrown away by Folkestone & Hythe District Council residents is at its lowest in more than ten years.


According to national statistics, the district produced 22kg less general waste per household in 2017/18 than the year before - the lowest amount in any year in the past decade.

The report also revealed impressive recycling rates, with 45.3 per cent of all waste recycled or composted across the district - up 2.8 per cent on the year before.

And the proportion of waste sent to landfill in Kent last year was down to just 1.1 per cent, a figure that has decreased every year since 2012/13 when it was 21 per cent.

We'd like to thank our residents for their commitment to the district and to the environment by disposing of their rubbish responsibly.
There's always room for improvement and we'll continue to encourage people to join us in boosting recycling and minimising waste, by providing clear and up-to-date information about our award-winning service.
These are impressive statistics that reflect the hard work that we have been doing to promote recycling. Cllr Stuart Peall, Cabinet Member for the Environment

Published on 08 January 2019