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Non-residents can save by buying a car park season ticket

How does it work?

Season tickets are valid only in long-stay council car parks. You must specify which days of the week you wish your season ticket to be valid for.

You can only use your season ticket for the specified vehicle.

How much it costs

Type of season ticketAnnual cost6 month cost3 month cost
Valid 7 days per week£657£329£165
Valid 6 days per week£560£280£140
Valid 5 days per week£468£234£117
Valid 4 days per week£374£187£94
Valid 3 days per week£280£140£70
Valid 2 days per week£187£94£47
Valid 1 day per week£94£47£24

A replacement or amendment to your season ticket incurs an additional administration fee of £5.20.

No refunds are given for any unused periods.

How to apply

Use the button below to apply.

Apply for or renew a parking permit

Please allow up to 5 working days to process your application. After we've reviewed and authorised your application, you'll receive an email explaining how to make payment and activate your season ticket. Your season ticket will not be valid until payment is made.

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