About planning consultations

The Strategy and Policy Team regularly undertakes consultations on the development of its local plan and other related policy documents.

We want to ensure that our plans are supported by residents, stakeholders, businesses and other members of the community as we recognise that planning affects everyone in some way. Therefore, it is important that people understand the planning process and are given the opportunity to get involved in it so that they can share their ideas and influence planning decisions.

Current consultations

The council declared a climate change and ecological emergency on 24 July 2019. This declaration covered a wide range of activity, from the council’s own estate and operations, to wider district emissions and work with partners. The declaration called for the council “To develop a strategy for Folkestone and Hythe District Council to play a leadership role in promoting community, public and business partnerships for this Carbon Neutral Commitment throughout the District”.

The District Wide Carbon Action Plan has been produced to meet this declaration and sets a clear purpose and scope aimed at encouraging and influencing the reduction of carbon emissions across the district. It has been produced with the ideas and input of the Carbon Innovation Lab, an informal and inclusive group of representatives from the community, business, special interest groups and academics.

The scope of the district-wide plan is far-reaching, and beyond the ability of the council to fund or implement itself. The purpose of this public consultation is to identify additional partner groups and projects that are currently underway or planned and this information will be brought together to produce a final version of the plan later in the year, making it a collective plan for the whole district.

The consultation will start on the 6 November 2023 and will run to 1 December 2023

Consultation portal

The online consultation portal allows registered users to comment on local plan documents when they are out at public consultation and to give us feedback about the growth of the Folkestone & Hythe District.

Key benefits of registering and making representations online include:

  • Optional email updates - keep up to date when new documents are available for consultation;
  • Ability to view other consultees' comments once they have been made available;
  • Search facility - to find comments you and others have made on documents;
  • Ability to update personal details instantly - make sure we always have your latest postal and email address;
  • Ability to deactivate your account if you have moved out of the area or no longer want to hear from us - you can switch it back on again at any time;
  • Option to specify preferences on how and how often you prefer to be contacted;
  • You can view documents/comments as soon as they are available;
  • Environmental benefits of using a paperless online system.

To register on the database, comment current consultations or view comments on previous consultations, please visit the consultation portal.