What happens next?

What happens to your recycling?


  • Mixed glass is broken up and compacted during collection
  • After sorting it's sent to either Dagenham or South Kirby to be recycled into new bottles, jars and other glass products



  • Metal tins are lifted out of the sorting belt with a magnet
  • They're then taken to Llanelli for more treatment before they're made into new tins


  • Aluminium cans are made magnetic for an instant through an electrical charge so they can be sorted out of the mix
  • They're then taken for more processing to either Warrington or Redditch so they can be made into new cans


  • Plastic is sorted with lasers and taken to another sorting facility nearby, where it's separated into 2 types, HDPE and PET plastic
  • The 2 types are then taken to UK outlets to be ground into flakes, washed, sorted, melted and turned into pellets that can be molded back into plastic products, eg bottles, pots, tubs and trays

Paper, card and Tetra Pak

Paper and carton are sorted out by laser at SBS Erith before being taken to UPM to be ground up and used to make paper and card products.


We send your batteries to be recycled in Belgium by Revatech S.A.