Net zero carbon toolkit

We are collaborating with industry experts to develop a new toolkit which will provide practical, easy-to-follow advice for those planning building projects.

Step-by-step guidance

It is hoped the Net Zero Carbon Toolkit will help the UK reach its target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The toolkit provides a pathway for this transition by giving step-by-step guidance on embedding 'green by design' into projects. It will also include advice on how to improve biodiversity, reduce transport emissions by encouraging walking and cycling, and measures to reduce how much water we use.

From pre-planning to construction

The toolkit will be aimed at making net-zero carbon new build and retrofit more accessible to a range of users, including small- or medium-sized house builders, architects, contractors, self-builders and consultants, and will cover steps from pre-planning through to construction.

It will also provide homeowners looking to retrofit or extend their existing property guidance and advice on what they need to consider and how they can implement energy-efficiency measures and begin the process of de carbonising their homes in an affordable and phased way.

Using innovative examples 

The toolkit, which is being match-funded by a grant from Homes England, will draw from innovations being developed in our district, such as new garden town Otterpool Park and Highview, a zero-carbon-in-use development of 30 homes (all for affordable rent), which has been designed by our in-house team.

Expert collaborators

Leading technical consultants Etude, Levite Bernstein, Elementa Consulting and PassivHaus Trust, who have all led several projects for local authorities (including guidance for net-zero buildings), will work with us over the coming months and it is hoped the toolkit will be available to download from this website in late spring.