Residents encouraged to help combat fly tipping

Residents of Folkestone and Hythe District are being encouraged to make simple checks on anyone offering to remove their rubbish - or they could risk a fine.


Most of the time waste is collected in bins or residents personally take their own waste to the local tip. However, sometimes people offer to take waste away on a resident's behalf only to fly tip the rubbish later.

Everybody has a duty to ensure their waste ends up in the right place. Residents that don't take reasonable steps to achieve this will be guilty of a 'Duty of Care' offence. This applies to any waste produced at home including household refuse, garden waste or bulkier waste, such as mattresses or white goods.

To check your rubbish is being disposed of correctly you should ask the following questions:

  • Name and vehicle details
  • Where they are taking your waste
  • Do they have an Upper Tier Waste Carriers' License

Anyone collecting waste from another person must have a license and you must ask to see a copy of their license before instructing them to do the job. You can call the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 to request an instant waste carrier validation check, or check the public register online at: If they turn out not to be registered then please report them to the authorities.

Cllr Stuart Peall, Cabinet Member for Enforcement, Regulatory Services, Waste and Building Control, said:

"Every year there are many fly-tips within the district as a direct result of someone paying an unauthorised person or company to take away their waste. Fly tippers are a blight on our district and residents really are the first line of defence to help combat this.

"The starting amount for commercial waste to be correctly disposed is around £60 so if you're only being asked to pay £20 to clear it there is a good chance it's not going to be disposed of legally. Don't risk a fine, instead help us stamp out fly tipping in the district for the wellbeing of everyone and for the environment in which we all live."

The fine for a 'duty of care' offence will cost £150, with no early payment reduction. Like any fixed penalty notice, this will discharge your liability for the offence if paid, but if it's not paid then you may be prosecuted at the Magistrates' Court, where you could get a criminal record and an unlimited fine.

The council always investigate reports and seeks to track down and prosecute those responsible. If anyone wishes to report fly-tipping then please do so via:

Our website -

Email - 

Telephone - 01303 853660

Published 22 July 2019