Change in rent

What information do I need to complete this form?

To complete the form you will need:

  • your benefit claim reference number
  • you may be required to upload evidence in relation to your change


How to report a change

  • click on the change in rent button below
  • select "Report a change of circumstances (for example, income change, moving out of area, cancel my claim)" from the menu screen
  • enter your personal details including your benefit claim reference number (your claim will then be retrieved from the system)
  • once your claim has been retrieved; select the applicable change reason from the "What change do you want to report?" menu
  • complete the relevant questions on the form, save, upload your evidence and submit

Change in rent cost

Please note that there is a 5MB size limit on all files that can be attached.

Accepted files types are:

  • Images (jpeg, gif, png)
  • PDF
  • TIF

Can I take pictures of my documents using my smart phone?

Yes. If you take an image with your smart phone or tablet please ensure that documents are saved as one of the accepted file types above.

What happens next

Once we receive your changes, and all the required supporting information, your change will be processed. We aim to process completed changes within 6 working days.  If we are unable to process your change and require further information we will contact you by phone or email.

If after your changes have been processed and your entitlement changes you will receive notification of your new entitlement, however if there is no change to your entitlement then you will not receive notification.