Completion certificate copy

Completion certificates for work done before 2013.

You may be advised that a check of our historic records reveals that a notice of completion was not received, or a final inspection carried out and hence a completion certificate has not been issued at the time when works were completed.

Whilst our policy has been to issue completion certificates where possible following a satisfactory completion inspection of the projects notified to us at completion long before 2013, prior to 2013 there was no requirement for local authorities to issue completion certificates in all cases.

Our council like some other authorities did adopt a policy of issuing completion certificates on works before this date, following notice from the owner/builder for a completion inspection and a check on compliance of the works, but the earlier the date the less likely it is that completion certificates would be available.

Whilst we retain basic information on computer of older applications with site inspection dates, full records such as architectural plans and specifications are only kept for 15 years. It is not possible to book completion inspections today on projects where more than 15 years has elapsed since the last site inspection and consequently it may not be possible to provide a completion certificate.

Although there are provisions within the regulations for a local authority to accept applications to regularise work carried out without approval, there is no obligation on a local authority to accept such application. Also, the greater the length of time since work was completed, the less likely this would provide a satisfactory solution.

Conveyancing solicitors have increasingly demanded completion certificates, which was part of the reason for their introduction into regulation in 2013, unfortunately, their demands do not take account when building work was completed without notice being given and a certificate being issued in the past.

Provision of some form of indemnity policy is often promoted as an alternative, however this is usually only to cover legal action by the local authority for contravention of building regulations. A surveyor's report indicating the present status of the property in relation to building regulations applicable at the time the work was carried out may be more beneficial to future occupiers.

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