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  • request a site inspection as far in advance as possible
  • visits are carried out between 9am - 2pm and we may not be able to give you an exact time for our visit

You will need to provide your application reference if known, if you do not have a current application we cannot carry out any site visits.

How to apply

Request a site inspection

When do I need to organise a site inspection?

We need to carry out regular site inspections at different stages of your project to make sure works comply with building regulations. Check with your building control officer at which stages they would like to inspect your site. A one off payment is included in your fees which covers all site inspections.

It's important to know what these stages are as items that aren't inspected would need to be uncovered to confirm they comply with building regulations.

Generally we need to inspect when you:

  • start building
  • excavate the foundations
  • concrete the foundations
  • lay materials on site for example, over site preparation or insulation in place
  • lay a damp proof course
  • lay drainage prior to backfilling
  • test drainage
  • finish the building
  • occupy the building

We often ask to see the works at additional stages such as when:

  • floor joists are put in place
  • the roof structure is put in place
  • dormer windows are built
  • structural beams or columns are in place - before they're covered up

As each project is different, these stages may not fit in exactly with your work programme and are indicative of the stages we need to inspect.