Register a death

Information and advice on how to notify us that someone has died.

When a family member or someone close to you dies, we know it is a very difficult time. 
Please note that there is a legal requirement to register a death within 5 days. You must have a medical certificate of death from the doctor before you can register a death.

You can register a death using the service Kent County Council provide.

Once the death has been registered you can notify us by completing the Tell us Once application which will also notify HMRC, DVLA, Passport Office, DWP and Veterans UK.

About the Tell us Once Service

Use the Tell us Once Service

This will also advise Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Assisted Waste Collection team, Housing and Electoral registration matters. You will also be able to notify Kent County Council regarding Blue Badges using this link.

If you are dealing with the affairs of someone who has died and are not using the Tell us Once service, please complete this form

Notify us of a death

What we do once we know about the death

When a person lived alone in a property

If they owned their property and that property is now unoccupied, their home can get an exemption for up to six months after probate or letters of administration have been granted. Once we receive the required information we will make any changes to the account and issue a revised bill.

If the account is in credit you will be able to apply for a refund to be paid to the estate.

If the property was rented and is now unoccupied, the exemption will last until the date the tenancy ends or for 6 months after probate or letters of administration are granted, whichever comes first.

If the deceased did not own the property the liability for council tax will transfer to the owner and discounts or exemptions will apply depending on the circumstances of the property and/or owner.

Further information will be requested to ensure any exemption or discounts are applied

When there were two adults in the property

If you lived with the person who has died and you are now the only adult in the household, we'll update the account so it is in your name only. We'll send you a new bill confirming the change and the 25% single occupancy discount.

If any other information is required we will contact you.

What happens to any other property within the district owned by the deceased

Depending on the circumstances of the property at the date of death an exemption may or may not apply. If the deceased was a landlord and the property remains tenanted the tenant will remain liable until such time as their tenancy ends when liability will transfer to the estate of the deceased or new owner if applicable.

If the property was a second home used by the deceased it may be entitled to an exemption and you will be contacted for further information if required.