Anti-social alcohol consumption

Where a Police Officer , Police Community Support Officer or duly authorised officer of the Council (hereafter "Authorised Person") reasonably believes that the consumption of alcohol in a restricted area has had, or is likely to have, a detrimental effect of the quality of life of those in the locality they can require any person:

(a) Not to consume alcohol or anything which they reasonably believe to be alcohol
(b) To surrender anything in any person's possession which is, or which the Authorised Person reasonably believes to be, alcohol or a container for alcohol.

Any surrendered items may be disposed of by the Authorised Person in any way he or she thinks is appropriate.

An Authorised Person who imposes a requirement under 1(a) or 1(b) above must tell the person that failing without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirement is an offence.

A person who fails without reasonable excuse to comply with a requirement imposed on him or her under 1(a) or 1(b) above commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale.

A requirement imposed by an Authorised Person under 1(a) or 1(b) above is not valid if when asked to show evidence of his or her authorisation they fail to do so.

This provision does not apply to alcohol being consumed within premises (including designated outdoor areas) that have obtained a license under the Licensing Act 2003 or section 115E of the Highways Act 1980.