Purchase orders 2016

Monthly lists of orders of £5,000 and over (excluding VAT) to external bodies and suppliers. For data protection reasons, orders to individuals have been redacted.

Purpose of purchase orders

  1. as the official notification from us confirming that we wish to purchase a good or service from a supplier and the expected value of the purchase. Purchase orders will be amended if the value of the purchase changes ie changes in volume to be supplied
  2. to act as a term of contract. This is usually for low value purchases where no separate contract or standard terms and conditions have been agreed. In these circumstances our terms and conditions (PDF, 29.85KB) will apply

December 2016

Purchase orders December (PDF, 6.69KB)

Purchase orders December (XLS, 11.38KB)

November 2016

Purchase orders November (PDF, 7.58KB)

Purchase orders December (XLS, 11.69KB)

October 2016

Purchase orders October (PDF, 10.1KB)

Purchase orders October (XLS, 12.75KB)

September 2016

Purchase orders September (PDF, 7.79KB)

Purchase orders September (XLS, 11.94KB)

August 2016

Purchase orders August (PDF, 11.17KB)

Purchase orders August (XLS, 14.47KB)

July 2016

Purchase orders July (PDF, 9.41KB)

Purchase orders July (XLS, 12.87KB)

April -June 2016

Purchase orders April - June (PDF, 25.26KB)

Purchase orders April - June (XLS, 23.47KB)

If you would like to know more about our business with these suppliers, email the Information officer (details below), quoting the relevant section, supplier and amount. Note that we can't give out information that is confidential or could be commercially sensitive.