Second home premium

From 1 April 2025 the premium will be applied to properties that are classed as second homes.

Second homes 

This means that if you own a property that is not treated as your main home, and the dwelling is substantially furnished, you will be charged extra Council Tax on top of the full council tax for the property.

Therefore the conditions of this criteria are:

  • There is no resident of the property, and
  • The property is substantially furnished.

A premium is an additional charge that is made to council tax liability.

The changes to this charge are listed in the table below:

Changes to Premium Changes

Premiums that will be applied
100% premium for properties listed as a second home

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The additional charge can only be removed by bringing your property back into use.

There may be exemptions where this premium cannot be applied. Any exemptions are pending the result of Government guidance and this page will be updated when this is published.

If the premium affects you we will write to you and send you a new council tax bill when the premium takes effect.

If your bill shows a second home premium and you think that your property should not be classed as a second home please contact us straight away.

How do I end the premium charge? 

To end the premium charge, you may meet any of the exemptions when they are published.

You could also bring your property back into use as a main home, please contact us so we can arrange an appointment to visit your property.