Disability relief for council tax

Who can apply?

We can grant a reduction on your council tax if:

  • a resident (adult or child) at the property is disabled; and,
  • you have a room, or an extra bathroom or kitchen, to meet the special needs of the disability; or,
  • you use a wheelchair indoors.

How much will the bill be reduced by?

If you qualify, your bill will be reduced by putting your home in the  valuation band below the one you are currently charged on, so if your home is in Band C, we put it in Band B.

If the property is in Band A, the charge will be reduced by the equivalent of one ninth of the Band D charge. To check valuation bands for this council tax year visit the council tax financial information page.

How to apply

  • click on the apply button, complete the application form and submit

You will need to provide when completing the form:

  • your details 
  • the details of the disabled person including the council tax account number and address of the disabled person
  • information on which facilities are in the property to meet the needs of the disabled person and the date(s) from which they have been used for this purpose
  • the date you started to use the wheelchair in the property (this could be the purchase date), if you are claiming for use of a wheelchair in the property

Apply for disability relief

What happens next?

Once we have received the application, we'll get in touch to arrange an appointment to visit your property, normally within one month.