Second adult rebate on your council tax

Who can apply?

You may get second adult rebate if you are of pension age and you share your home with one or more adults on a low income who are:

  • not your partner or civil partner
  • aged 18 or over
  • not paying you rent
  • not paying council tax themselves
  • not a joint tenant or owner with you

Examples of second adults include grown up children, friends and relatives.

Note that if you are a full-time student, you may claim up to 100% second adult rebate.

How to apply

  • click on the apply button above to apply for second adult rebate
  • select "Make a new claim"
  • complete the relevant questions about your circumstances
  • select that you are applying for second adult rebate
  • complete the remaining sections of the form, as applicable and submit
  • you will need to provide:
    • two proof of identity documents and proof of your National Insurance number
    • proof of identity and proof of income for each second adult, for example, wage slips, pension slips, or benefit entitlements

Apply for second adult rebate

How is it calculated?

The amount of second adult rebate depends on the:

  • council tax you have to pay; and
  • the combined gross income of any second adults.

Your income and savings won't affect second adult rebate. 

What happens next

Your application will be processed and you will be notified of the outcome in writing.