Food hygiene inspections

We inspect food premises to ensure that food is being prepared and stored hygienically and legally

How often is a food establishment inspected?

The frequency of inspections is determined in accordance with a national risk rating system.


We take food samples as part of routine surveillance and to assist our inspections and investigations.

Food sampling policy (PDF, 233KB)

What happens after an inspection?

After an inspection you will receive an inspection report and a food hygiene rating if applicable.

If your business needs to improve, the inspection report will explain what to do and by when.

Improvement notice

We may serve an improvement notice, which is a legal document setting out what you need to do to meet legal standards.

If there are very serious risks, we may order you to stop certain activities until you meet those standards.


Food safety enforcement policy (PDF, 316KB)

Service Plan

Our Service Plan is available for you to read, which sets out our program of work for the year.

Food Safety Service Plan 2017 (PDF, 160KB)