Honorary Alderman

The title Honorary Alderman is the highest award that can be made to a former councillor in recognition of exceptional service to the council.

Becoming an Honorary Alderman


We can award this honour to a councillor on their retirement from the council. It is an entirely honorary position, bringing no special rights, but is intended to reflect the esteem of the wider community. 

To be eligible, the councillor must have made a significant contribution to the council and the people it represents.

The position of Honorary Alderman is non-political.

Process of awarding the honour

  • Honorary Aldermen are proposed and seconded by serving members of the council
  • there must be support for the nomination by not less than two-thirds of the members voting at a special council meeting
  • on being made an Honorary Alderman the councillor is presented with a ceremonial scroll

Honorary Aldermen

Honorary Aldermen

Name Represented Date serving Date made Honorary Alderman
Mr. Keith Hudson (deceased) Hawkinge 1995-1999 (chairman) May 1999
Mr. Terry Preston Dymchurch 1973-2007 (chairman 2005-2007) May 2007
Mr. Robert Howard Clegg Bliss Sandgate 1995-2013 May 2015