We work alongside key partners and stakeholders to help bring changes to systems and new services to our residents. Some of our partnerships include:

Folkestone & Hythe Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

The Folkestone & Hythe CSP is a statutory partnership addressing priorities covering anti-social behaviour, violent crime, and other criminal behaviour. Within the CSP’s plan the link between crime and health related issues is highlighted. Health and wellbeing is now an underlying theme for the CSP's next three year plan.

Local Children's Partnerships Group (LCPG)

The Folkestone & Hythe LCPG is a multi-agency partnership led by Kent County Council that works to improve outcomes for children and young people. The priorities for 2022 - 2023 include an emphasis on good physical and mental health:

Children and young people are supported to develop well so they can positively engage in learning

Supporting parents and carers in understanding the developmental needs of pre-school and primary aged children; access to role models to support children’s personal, social and emotional development; support for secondary school aged children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties to help overcome barriers.

Building strong families

Supporting vulnerable parents and carers to strengthen their resilience and local networks, so they feel more able to manage day-to-day family life; support for families using food banks or pantries to move to a position where they have reliable access to affordable and nutritious food; post-16 learners have access to more flexible learning, work experience and volunteering opportunities

Children and young people feel safe

Children and young people, especially those from vulnerable or minority groups, are able to manage fears and anxieties which interfere with their ability to participate in everyday life; have opportunities to socialise, get along with others, respect differences, and recognise the right way to respond to bullying or peer pressure; know how and where to reach out for help when it is needed.

Health partnerships

The health sector has undergone significant transformation and the statutory responsibility for integrated health care services now falls to the Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board (ICB). Responsibility for delivering different parts of health services fall to a number of other boards and partnerships sitting underneath the ICB. More details can be found at [link to ICB strategy].

The district council engages with different parts of the health system on topics such as cost of living, mental health, working with sports providers on physical wellbeing projects, and support for young people.