Household support fund

The household support fund is now open again to receive applications for food vouchers as well as making referrals for help with energy costs.

The fund for food is limited and the scheme will end when the funds have been spent.

If you have already received a voucher for food it is highly unlikely you will receive another as the council is keen to support as many people as possible who have not previously received support through this round of the household support fund.

Referrals for help with energy costs are based on the criteria provided by Kent County Council (KCC).

Support from KCC cannot be provided if you have savings over £250 or any children in your household are receiving free school meals.

Can I get this support?

You may be eligible for support if you are a resident of Folkestone & Hythe District and your household is vulnerable.

Vulnerable households are defined as those that are struggling to afford essential food and utility bills and have no other available support. 

If you need help in applying, please email us at with your contact details.  We will then call or email you to discuss your needs.

If you are already working with a local support agency, support worker or charity, they might be able to help you to apply. Ask the group leader or support worker you already have a relationship with to see if they can help you apply.

Apply for the Housing Support Fund