Home safe loans

If you wish to be considered for a loan please contact Town & Country Home Improvement Agency on 0800 028 3172 so that they can take your details and arrange a visit to inspect your home.

A home safe loan is intended to assist vulnerable households in making their homes a healthier and safer place to live

Who can apply for a loan?

Provided you are an owner/occupier and in receipt of one or more of the eligible means tested benefits, you can apply for this loan.

The Private Sector Housing Team or a surveyor from Town and Country Home Improvement Agency will be able to advise you on the type of work that could be covered by the loan, advise on the benefit eligibility criteria and can arrange an inspection of your property.

What is the maximum loan amount?

Currently it's up to £20,000, although we can use our discretion to approve loans of more than £20,000 where more extensive works to make the property safe are required.

Are there any strings attached to the loan?

The loan is a secured loan, which means we will secure the loan against your property at the Land Registry. Should you sell your property, transfer or alter the title, or the property ceases to be your main residence, we will require repayment of the loan.

The loans are interest free, so should repayment be required the original amount will be the repayment amount.

We do not make a charge for setting up the loan; details are available from the Private Sector Housing team or Town & Country Home Improvement Agency.

There is a 12% fee added to the cost of works which covers the administration of the loan and arranging, overseeing and signing off the works.

What can I get help with?

  • Roof and guttering repairs to prevent or stop leaks
  • Provide additional security measures
  • Remove fire safety hazards
  • Additional aids to help eliminate falls
  • Electrical hazards
  • Structural collapse and falling elements

This is not a comprehensive list, and the Private Sector Housing team will be able to advise you on areas of work covered by the loan. The main aim of the loan is to reduce or eliminate hazards in the home.  It does not cover general maintenance.

What help is available to enable me to make an application?

We work closely with the Kent Home Improvement Agency who can help you with the forms, any plans or specifications required, invite contractors to quote for the works and submit the loan application on your behalf to the council.

Should the loan be approved the agency will supervise the works and deal with any issues you or the council may have with the works.