Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service

The government has launched the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service (HLPAS), which offers government-funded legal advice and representation (legal aid) to individuals facing possession proceedings which could result in the loss of their homes.

Individuals who receive a written notice for possession (e.g. an email from a landlord or a letter from a creditor) will be eligible to receive free legal assistance.

The HLPAS will be delivered by housing law experts and provided in two stages. The first stage will involve the provision of legal advice on housing, welfare benefits and debt issues to individuals facing home possession proceedings, with the aim of resolving problems early and avoiding court proceedings where possible. The second stage will provide in-court legal representation during possession hearings for those individuals whose cases cannot be solved out of court.

Individuals can find their nearest Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service provider by typing in their postcode and ticking the box ‘Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service’ on GOV.​UK.