Dangerous and wild animals licence

You need licence to keep animals that are considered dangerous. This includes monkeys, wild cats, and some types of snakes and spiders.

Types of animal that need licence include, apes and monkeys, wild cats, crocodiles, and some types of snake and spider.
Check out legislation.gov.uk for the full list of wild animals you need a licence to keep  

Hybrid or cross-bred animals may also need licence. Contact the licensing team via email  if you're not sure whether you need licence for the animal you want to keep.

Before you start

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must have public liability insurance cover of at least £2,000,000
  • You must be the person who will own and keep the animal
  • Please contact the licensing team if you are not sure

How much it costs

Licence fee to keep dangerous and wild animals £507.20 plus vet inspection fees


The licence lasts for 2 years.

How to apply

You will need to:

  • log into your MyAccount (or create an account if you don't already have one) to complete the form. MyAccount is an easier and quicker way to interact with us and is available 24/7
  • complete the application form
  • upload any supporting documents
  • pay the appropriate fee

Apply for dangerous wild animal licence

What happens next?

After reviewing the application we will aim to organise an inspection of the premises in 10 working days.

Premises inspection

We will carry out an inspection with vet of the premises to make sure the animals will:

  • have suitable secure accommodation
  • have enough food, drink and bedding materials
  • have enough exercise
  • be protected against fire and other emergencies
  • be protected against disease
  • not cause danger or nuisance to anyone

If the inspection is satisfactory, we will grant the licence.

If we refuse your application, we will write to you explaining the reasons why and how you can appeal.

Further inspections

We may carry out further inspections to check that you are meeting the licence conditions.