Notification for use of up to two gaming machines

If you have a licence to supply alcohol at a premises, you may have an automatic entitlement to provide up to two Category C or D gaming machines for use at the premises. You must give notification of your intention to use this entitlement.

Before you start

  • The premises must have a licence to supply alcohol for consumption on the premises.
  • There must be a bar at the premises. There must be no licence conditions requiring alcohol to be served with a meal.
  • The person making the notification must be the premises licence holder.
  • If you want to provide more than two gaming machines , you should apply for a gaming machine permit instead

How much does it cost?


When does the notification expire?

There is no expiration date. It remains valid so long as the premises licence to which it is linked remains valid and qualifies for the automatic entitlement.

If the premises licence is transferred to another person the notification will lapse. The new licence holder would need to make new notification

How to apply

You can apply and make payment using the link to the form below. Initially you will be asked to create a MyAccount (if you don't already have one) which will enable you to track progress of your application.

Notification of gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises

What happens next

We will acknowledge receipt of the notification within 5 working days.

You must comply with the Code of Practice on gaming machines.