Candidate expenses and information

Candidates are permitted to spend a limited amount of money during their campaign for office. Information on expenses and electorate figures can be found on this page.

Local elections in May 2023

District electorate figures for expenses are listed below:

District Ward Electorate
Broadmead 3096
Cheriton 9368
East Folkestone 8219
Folkestone Central 8161
Folkestone Harbour 4884
Hythe 9160
Hythe Rural 5024
New Romney 5907
North Downs East 8992
North Downs West 5372
Romney Marsh 5931
Sandgate and West Folkestone 4450
Walland and Denge Marsh 6147

Parish / Town electorate figures are listed below:

Parish / Town Council Ward (If applicable) Electorate
Folkestone Town Council Broadmead 3096
  Central 8161
  Cheriton East 3157
  Cheriton West 6211
  East Folkestone 8219
  Harbour 4884
  Harvey West 727
Hawkinge Town Council Hawkinge Churchill 2989
  Hawkinge Fernfield 1724
  Hawkinge Uphill 1518
Hythe Town Council Hythe East 3533
  Hythe North 2559
  Hythe South 2377
  Hythe West 3791
New Romney Town Council New Romney Coast 2801
  New Romney Town 3106
Lyminge Parish Council Lyminge 1705
  Etchinghill 518
Sandgate Parish Council Sandgate Valley 1050
  Sandgate Village 2673
St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council St Mary's Bay 2130
  St Mary in the Marsh 280
Brenzett Parish Council   352
Brookland Parish Council   373
Burmarsh Parish Council   258
Dymchurch Parish Council   3002
Elham Parish Council   1239
Elmsted Parish Council   304
Ivychurch Parish Council   201
Lydd Town Council   4936
Lympne Parish Council   1233
Newchurch Parish Council   261
Newington Parish Council   307
Postling Parish Council   176
Saltwood Parish Council   691
Sellindge Parish Council   1590
Stanford Parish Council   327
Stelling Minnis Parish Council   471
Swingfield Parish Council   1033

Expenses overview

There are rules that apply to spending on activities that promote a candidacy during the run-up to an election.  This 'regulated period' dictates a spending limit that a candidate must adhere to during their campaign. 

Spending includes any expenses incurred, whether on goods, services, property or facilities, for the purposes of the candidate's election during the regulated period.  It is the candidate's responsibility to accurately record their spending during the regulated period.

When is the regulated period?

The regulated period for the Local elections in May 2023 begins on the day after you officially become a candidate and ends on polling day, Thursday, 4 May 2023.

When does a person officially become a candidate?

The earliest date you can officially become a candidate is the last date of the publication of the Notice of Election.

The last date you can officially become a candidate is 4pm at the close of nominations.

How much can a candidate spend?

The regulated period has a spending limit, this spending limit is:

£806, plus 7p per local government elector in the ward that you are standing in, that are registered to vote on a specific date in the election timetable.

The electorate figures for each District and Parish / Town ward will appear above this section on this page in March 2023.

Spending limits for joint candidates

There are certain deductions that apply to candidate spending if you are a joint candidate, because you share some costs.  You are a joint candidate if:

  • You and another candidate are standing in the same ward with the same election agent; or
  • You and another candidate are standing in the same ward and use the same campaign rooms; or
  • You and another candidate are standing in the same ward and publish joint campaign material.

Electoral Commission's website

Declaring your expenses

After the election has finished all candidates are required to declare their expenses, the costs incurred for their election campaign during the regulated period.

A declaration is not for reimbursement and must be completed regardless of whether you have or haven't been elected, or spent any money.

There are deadlines for all expenses relating to the Local elections in May 2023:

District council expenses

District council candidate expenses and declaration must be submitted to the Returning Officer no later than 35 days after the election result is declared.

Parish / town expenses

Parish / town candidate expenses and declaration must be submitted to the Returning Officer within 28 calendar days after the day of the election.

Further information

There is a lot of information regarding the use of money and donations throughout the regulated period.  The Electoral Commission have two useful guidance booklets relating to spending.  The links are below:

Please note: The information on the Electoral Commission website currently relates to May 2022 polls and will be updated in the new year.

District election spending and donations

Parish / Town Election spending and donations