Folkestone Levelling Up - Public engagement November 2023

Phase two public engagement

Proposals for this phase include moving the bus station from Bouverie Square to Middelburg Square. Bus stops will extend around the north and south sides of Middelburg Square, creating pedestrian-friendly transport hub environment and enable Bouverie Square to return to its former use as garden square.

A new park will be created where Foresters Way currently is, running alongside Shellons Street. The current road network here forms part of traffic gyratory system that was developed to serve the town’s now-redundant port and ferry services.

A new link between Guildhall Street North and Guildhall Street will be developed to make it easier to cross the road into town, across Shellons Street. This will help link the area north of Shellons Street to the town centre.

Details of the proposed changes can be seen below in the fly-through video and the public engagement boards:

Levelling up fund display boards (PDF, 33.09MB)

Responses to phase two engagement feedback

Thanks to everyone who engaged with us in November 2023, either online or at the public engagement event at Bouverie House Business Centre. Your views and comments help us understand if you think this project is going in the right direction and what needs to change. Your feedback so far has been essential in refining the scheme to make it work better for the community. 

The proposals will bring about positive benefits to the town, but we realise that not everyone will be in favour of what is decided. Our engagement events help us understand the areas that are most liked, and those which are least liked, and we can reflect this feedback in the final designs.

We’ve included some of the feedback on the different elements of the scheme in the document below. We’ve also included what things we’ve changed because of your feedback, or reasons why we haven’t done other things.

Phase two engagement feedback and responses (PDF, 1.91MB)

If you have any further feedback or questions, please get in touch by emailing