Council calls for delay in windmill sale proposal

Published: 5 February 2024

An image of the Stelling Minnis windmill against a blue sky on green grass

Folkestone & Hythe District Council is recommending that Kent County Council (KCC) postpone its proposed sale of windmills.

In its response to the proposal’s consultation, the district council has asked that the sale be delayed enabling local groups to potentially raise money to buy the historic landmarks and maintain them into the future.

One of the eight owned and maintained by KCC is Davison’s Mill at Stelling Minnis which is managed locally by The Stelling Minnis Windmill and Museum Trust.

A Folkestone & Hythe District Council spokesperson said: “We would like Kent County Council to delay its process. This would allow community groups time to fundraise and recruit experienced trustees.

“If the windmills are sold quickly there is a chance that local community groups will not have sufficient time to ready themselves to express an interest before these structures fall into private hands. This is particularly important as the county council has looked after some of these assets for more than 60 years.”

Stelling Minnis Parish Council has already nominated the windmill as an Asset of Community Value. Folkestone & Hythe District Council has eight weeks to decide whether to grant this status.

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