Changes to dropping off postal vote process

Published: 23 April 2024

A polling station sign on a fence in the countryside.

Anyone planning to drop off their postal vote at the Civic Centre or one of the district’s polling stations is being reminded of changes in the process.

A return form now needs to be completed and accepted by an authorised member of staff – failure to do so means the postal vote has to be rejected and cannot be counted.

As a result, residents should no longer put their postal vote through the letterbox at the Civic Centre.

The maximum number of postal votes an individual can now hand in is five, plus their own. All the new Elections Act 2022 rules can be found on the council’s website.

There are no changes for those sending in postal votes via a Royal Mail post box.

An election for the Kent and Police Crime Commissioner takes place on Thursday 2 May. The result is due to be announced on Sunday 5 May. Visit for more information.