Event fees and charges

Fees vary according to the type of event, and there may be additional charges you need to pay as well

Folkestone & Hythe District Council Land Fees


Description Fee Excluding VAT  Fee Including VAT
Community or charitable events £48.58 £58.30
Exercise per class/event £10.83 £13.00
Boot fairs £313.00 £375.60
Small commerical events per day £54 £64.80
Small non-commercial events (excluding Boor Fairs)  £161.92 £194.30
Commercial events per day £1348.83 £1618.60
Administration fee for Town Police Clauses Act (TPCA) road closure £37.83 £45.40
Cleaning and restocking fees for public toilets (where applicable) £139.42 £167.30
Cancellation fee (applicable to all bookings) 100% of hire fee  

Refundable deposits of up to £1,000 are applicable on certain events, such as Circus' and Fun Fairs. Charges to rectify damages caused by an event may also be raised at any time for any event. 

For any queries regarding the refundable deposit email us the events team