Background documents Otterpool Park

Otterpool Park Handling Arrangements

Regulation 64(2) of The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 ("Regulations") requires the authority to "make appropriate administrative arrangements to ensure that there is a functional separation, when performing any duty under these Regulations, between the persons bringing forward a proposal for development and the persons responsible for determining that proposal". 
This note updates previously advised handling arrangements.

Otterpool Park (“OP”) – Handling Arrangements for LPA functions (PDF, 284KB)

Local Plan Evidence - Viability and Deliverability Review 2020

As part of Local Plan preparation, Gerald Eve LLP was instructed by the local planning authority to undertake a review of evidence submitted to support the deliverability and viability of a new settlement. The review can be found below:

View the Viability and Deliverability Review 2020 (PDF, 599MB)

Planning Performance Agreement (PPA)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) encourages the use of Planning Performance Agreements and states that PPAs are likely to be needed for applications that are particularly large or complex to determine.

A planning performance agreement is a project management tool which local planning authorities and applicants can use to agree timescales, actions and resources for handling particular applications.

It should cover the pre-application and application stages but may also extend through to the post-application stage.

Following the LPA review of the Outline Planning Application, a revised Planning Performance Agreement has been agreed that sets out the issues and topics to be worked through, how the parties will work together and an updated programme. 

Otterpool Park Place Panel

The National Planning Policy Framework requires local planning authorities to ensure that they have access to, and make appropriate use of, tools and processes for assessing and improving the design of development such as design advice and review arrangements.

The Otterpool Park Place Panel was established in 2018 to support the local planning authority in achieving high quality, innovative and sustainable place making. The place panel is an independent and impartial service and updated terms of reference can be found in the 2022 Frame Folkestone and Hythe PP ToR