Assets of community value

In neighbourhoods across the country there are buildings and areas of land that are important to the communities that use them, such as village shops, village greens, pubs, community centres and libraries.

The Localism Act allows local groups to nominate buildings and land that they consider are of value to the community, to be included on list of assets of community value.

If an asset on the list is put up for sale, community groups are given an opportunity to express an interest in buying it.  That will triggger period during which they can raise funds and make an offer to the owner.

The list of assets of community value is maintained by the council.  If we decide to list building or area of land as an asset of community value, this does not mean that the owner is forced to sell it, or to keep it open for the public to use.  However, if the owner does decide to sell, local group can pause the sale for up to six months in order to organise bid to buy it.  At the end of the six months, the owner may decide to sell the asset to community group, or to another bidder or to withdraw it from sale.  Listing a building or area of land provides time for local people to raise funds, but it cannot force the owner to sell an asset to a community group.

Community Right to Bid (PDF, 33KB)

Nominating building

The first step is to nominate the building or area of land you'd be interested in bidding for as an asset of community value using the nomination form.

When we receive nomination, we will assess it carefully to see whether it qualifies as an asset of community value according to the tests set out in the Localism Act. We will notify the landowner, any occupiers of the building or land and the local town or parish council that we have received nomination and we will ask them for comments. 

Assets of Community Value Nomination form

If we consider that the nominated site meets the tests set out in the legislation, we will include it on the list.  Assets are removed from the list after period of five years.   For more information on the community right to bid, visit GOV.UK.

Buildings and land that are included on the list

We've listed these buildings and areas of land as assets of community value:

Asset of community value
Building or facility  Location Nominated by Date included on list
Stelling Minnis Windmill and Museum (PDF, 423KB) Mill Lane, Stelling Minnis Stelling Minnis Parish Council 10 March 2024
Timber Batts Inn (PDF, 329KB) School Hill, Bodsham, Ashford Elmsted Parish Council 7 August 2023
Folkestone Library (PDF, 122KB) Grace Hill, Folkestone New Folkestone Society 17 July 2023
The Church Room, Burmarsh (PDF, 389KB) Church Road, Burmarsh, Romney Marsh  Burmarsh Parish Council  23 August 2021

Unsuccessful nominations

There have been no unsuccessful nominations within the last five years.