CIL examination library (2015/2016)

Examiner's report

Shepway CIL Final Report (PDF, 166KB)

Examination library

Programme Documents
Briefing Notes - Advice from the Examiner
PD001-1 Briefing Note (PDF, 75KB)
Programme Notes - Dates and Deadlines for Action
PD002-1 Programme (Cancelled) (PDF, 53KB)
PD002-2 Programme Version 2 (Issued 23 November 2015) (PDF, 57KB)
The Examiner's Matters, Issues and Questions
PD003-1 Matters, Issues and Questions Paper (PDF, 90KB)
Examination Correspondence
PD004-1 Introductory Letter (PDF, 52KB)
PD004-2-1 Examiner's map letter to the Council (PDF, 92KB)
PD004-2-2 Council's response to map letter (PDF, 164KB)
PD004-2-3 PD004-2-3 Examiner's Revised Map Letter to the Council (PDF, 166KB)
PD004-2-4 Examiner's Revised Map Letter Response (PDF, 45KB)
PD004-3 Letter from the Examiner: DCLG CIL Review (PDF, 45KB)
Core Documents Submission Documents
CD001-1 Shepway CIL Draft Charging Schedule, submission version, June 2015 (PDF, 1.82MB)
CIL draft Charging Schedule Maps
CD001-1-1 Appendix 1: CIL residential zones (5.82MB)
CD001-1-2 Appendix 2: CIL residential zones - Folkestone (PDF, 1.67MB)
CD001-1-3 Appendix 3: Folkestone Town Centre retail and Commercial area (PDF, 555KB)
Appendix 4: Strategic and Key Developments Sites
CD001-1-4-1 SS6 (PDF, 637KB)
CD001-1-4-2 SS7 (PDF, 1.21MB)
CD001-1-4-3 CSD8 (PDF, 382KB)
CD001-1-4-4 CSD9 (PDF, 324KB)
CD001-2 CIL Draft Charging Schedule, Statement of Submission, July 2015 (PDF, 100KB)

Shepway Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Report and CIL Regulation 19(1)(b) Statement of Representations, May 2015 (PDF, 3.76MB)
Copies of representations arising from the consultation held between 9 February and 23 March 2015 that have been referred to the Examiner can be found in Appendix 8 (from page 40) of this document.

The individual representations are indexed below:

CD001-3 - DCS001 Marine Management Organisation, 12 February 2015
CD001-3 -
Country Land and Business Association (CLA), 18 February 2015
CD001-3- DCS003 Kent Wildlife Trust, 18 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS004 Hawkinge Town Council, 9 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS005 Environment Agency, 19 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS006 Planning Potential for Aldi Stores Ltd, 19 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS007 Savills for Ellandi LLP, 20 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS008 GVA for Taylor Wimpey, 20 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS009 Kent Police, 23 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS010 Kent County Council, 23 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS011 Natural England. 23 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS012 English Heritage, 25 March 2015
CD001-3- DCS013 Andrew Beggs and Associates, 20 March 2015
CD001-4 CIL Regulation 16 Statement of Representations Procedure (PDF, 106KB)
CD001-5 CIL Overview Report, May 2015 (PDF, 2.3MB)
CD001-6 Authority Monitoring Report 2014 (PDF, 823KB)
CD001-7 Shepway Draft Regulation 123 List (amended), May 2015 (PDF, 97KB)
CD001-8 Shepway Draft CIL Instalments Policy (amended), May 2015 (PDF, 75KB)
CD001-9 Shepway Draft CIL Payments in Kind Policy, January 2015 (PDF, 77KB)
CIL & Whole Plan Economic Viability Study
CD001-10 Main Report (PDF, 1.5MB)
CD001-10-1 Appendices (PDF, 4.77MB)
CD001-10-2 CIL Viability Assessment - Supplementary Report (January 2015) (PDF, 587KB)
CD001-10-3 Core Strategy Local Plan Draft Infrastructure Assessment and Delivery Plan, June 2015 (PDF, 755KB)
CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) Consultation Documents
CD001-11-1 CIL PDCS, August 2014 (PDF, 686KB)
CD001-11-2 CIL PDCS Consultation Statement, December 2014 (PDF, 912KB)
CD001-11-3 Shepway Draft Regulation 123 List, January 2015 (PDF, 147KB)
CD001-11-4 Shepway Draft Instalments Policy, January 2015 (PDF, 75KB)
Core Documents National Legislation and Guidance
CD002-1 Planning Act (2008) Part 11
CD002-2 Localism Act (2011) c. 20 Sch. 22
CD002-3 CIL Regulations (2010)
CD002-4 CIL Amendment Regulations (2011)
CD002-5 CIL Amendment Regulations (2012)
CD002-6 CIL Amendment Regulations (2013)
CD002-7 CIL Amendment Regulations (2014)
CD002-8 CIL Amendment Regulations (2015)
CD002-9 CIL Guidance
CD002-10 National Planning Policy Framework
(search for 'Community Infrastructure Levy')
CD002-11 National Planning Practice Guidance
(search for 'Community Infrastructure Levy')
CD002-12 Viability Testing Local Plans - Advice for Planning Practitioners (The Harman Report) (June 2012) (PDF, 6.82MB)
Core Documents Other Adopted Plans and Policies
CD003-01 Local Development Scheme 2014 (PDF, 156KB)
Shepway Core Strategy Local Plan
CD003-2-1 Core Strategy Local Plan 2013 (PDF, 24.27MB)
CD003-2-2 Policies Applicable 2013 onwards (PDF, 261KB)
CD003-2-3 Core Strategy Examination Archive - Final Errata (PDF, 72KB)
CD003-2-4 Core Strategy Examination Archive - Local Plans Policies Map (PDF, 13.2MB)
Examination Documents
Written Representations by Deadline 1
Documents from the Council
  • None submitted
Documents from the Representors 
  • None submitted
Responses to the Examiner's Matters, Issues and Questions
Documents from the Council
ED002-01 Matters A - Issues 1 & 2 (PDF, 293KB)
ED002-02 Matter B - Issue 1 (PDF, 209KB)
ED002-03 Matter B - Issue 2 (PDF, 205KB)
ED002-04 Matter B - Issue 3 (PDF, 159KB)
ED002-05 Matter C - Issue 1 (PDF, 354KB)
ED002-06 Matter D - Issue 1 (PDF, 173KB)
ED002-07 Matter D - Issue 2 (PDF, 157KB)
ED002-08 Matter D - Issue 3 (PDF, 156KB)
ED002-09 Matter E - Issue 1 (PDF, 154KB)
Documents from Representors
ED02 - 1 Matter B Issue 1 - Savills for Ellandi LLP (PDF, 254KB)
Written Representations by Deadline 2
Documents from the Council
ED03-1 Matter B Issue 1 - Council Response to Savills for Ellandi LLP (PDF, 165KB)
Other Documents Requested by the Examiner
ED04-1 Statement by the Council on Replacement Maps (PDF, 174KB)
ED04-1-1 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 1A (Lydd) (PDF, 6.47MB)
ED04-1-2 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 1B1 (Romney Marsh)  (PDF, 10.917kKB)
ED04-1-3 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 1B2 (Hawkinge) (PDF, 5.76MB)
ED04-1-4 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 1C (Hythe) (PDF, 8.28MB)
ED04-1-5 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 1D (North Downs) (PDF, 14.72MB)
ED04-1-6 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 2 (Folkestone) (PDF, 9.36MB)
ED04-1-7 Shepway Draft CIL CS - Appendix 3 (Retail) (PDF, 366MB)
ED04-2 Council's Response to Revised Map Letter (PDF, 180KB)
ED04-2-1 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App1A (Lydd)(V2) (PDF, 6.47MB)
ED04-2-2 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App1B1 (Romney Marsh)(V2) (PDF, 10.66MB)
ED04-2-3 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App1B2 (Hawkinge)(V2) (PDF, 5.76MB)
ED04-2-4 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App1C (Hythe)(V2) (PDF, 8.3MB)
ED04-2-5 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App1D (North Downs)(V2) (PDF, 14.73MB)
ED04-2-6 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App2 (Folkestone)(V2) (PDF, 9.39MB)
ED04-2-7 Shepway CIL Draft CS - App3 (Retail)(V2) (PDF, 3.66MB)