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Net zero toolkit

The Net Zero Carbon Toolkit is a practical, easy to follow guide to help plan a net zero development project.  It has been developed with joint funding from Homes England and is a non-statutory document but implementing the measures laid out in the new toolkit will help deliver net zero, environmentally friendly developments aligned to the targets, values and outcomes of the Council’s crosscutting priorities outlined in the Corporate Plan and Low Carbon Action Plan.  It will also support the Council’s future review of the Local Plan by acting as an evidence base document to support more ambitious climate change policies.

It comprises the following:

Part One – Decarbonising buildings – Strategic objectives (PDF, 626KB)

It lays the foundations for the Toolkit documents by explaining legal climate change requirements and policy context. It also explains the “whys” for being ambitious with Net Zero Carbon new buildings.

Part two – New buildings (PDF, 7.41MB)

Its main aim is to communicate how new developments that are consistent with climate change objectives can be designed and constructed. It covers both domestic and non-domestic developments and includes useful ‘one pagers’.

Part three – Retrofit (PDF, 4.21MB)

It seeks to communicate the importance of retrofit, explain which key improvements need to be made in a simple way. It also signposts useful guidance on retrofit.

Sandgate Village Design Statement, 2019


The SPD is intended to promote local design and local distinctiveness. It has a clear and narrow reference: that the design of new development seeks to ensure that it recognises what the local Sandgate Community feel is important about their local area.


Sandgate Village Design Statement (PDF, 8.85MB)

Kent Design Guide 2005/06, 2007


The Guide covers all forms of development, identifying good design as something that recognises the social, environmental and economic needs of the community in creating vibrant attractive places that are both memorable and contribute to Kent's character. Adopted by the Council as a SPD on 20th June 2007, it is a material consideration for Development Control purposes when considering a planning application.


KCC: Kent Design Guide
Kent Design Guide SPD Adoption Statement (PDF, 9KB)

The Kent Downs AONB Landscape Design Handbook, 2006


The handbook aims to provide practical, readily accessible design guidance to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the special characteristics of the AONB as a whole, and the distinctiveness of its individual character areas.


Kent Downs AONB Landscape Design Handbook (PDF, 4.84MB)

The Kent Downs AONB Management Plan 2021-2026


As a statutory plan required by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Management Plan 2021-2026 sets out the shared vision of the future of this special landscape.

The plan identifies the key issues, opportunities and threats facing the landscape and sets out aims and principles for the positive conservation and enhancement of the Kent Downs for a five-year period.

The Kent Downs AONB Management Plan 2021-2026 was adopted on 16th November 2021 and and is a material consideration in planning matters and should be afforded weight in decisions.


The document is available to view here - The Kent Downs AONB Management Plan

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