Breach of planning controls

What can I report?

Planning enforcement primarily deals with breaches of planning controls, where:

  • works are undertaken without planning permission;
  • where planning conditions are not complied with; or,
  • where the use is changed without planning permission.

How do I report it?

You can report an alleged breach of planning controls using the link to the form below. Initially you will be asked to create a MyAccount (if you don't already have one) which will enable you to track progress of your application.

Report a breach of planning

Planning breaches you can report

Some of the alleged planning breaches you can report include:

  • residential extensions without planning permission
  • advertisements displayed without permission
  • illegal works to listed buildings, protected trees, or in conservation areas
  • developments affecting road safety
  • contamination
  • land use adversely affecting amenity
  • untidy sites

You can search the online planning register to see if a planning application has been made for a particular development.

What shouldn't I report?

We won't investigate:

We also won't get involved with investigations of land ownership, boundary disputes or neighbour disputes.

For more infomration visit: GOV.UK: Ensuring effective enforcement