Strategic projects in the district

Information about major projects in the district

Folkestone Seafront

Planning reference: Y12/0897/SH and S73 application Y17/1099/SH


Outline planning permission with matters such as access, scale, layout, appearance and landscaping reserved for future consideration was approved for the redevelopment of the harbour and seafront area of Folkestone.

The application comprised of a mixed-use development of up to 1,000 new homes and up to 10,000 square metres of commercial floorspace, as well as other facilities. Improvements to the beaches, pedestrian and cycle routes and accessibility of the site are included in the scheme, together with parking.

A Section 73 application (Y17/1099/FH) was granted which amended the original outline permission (ref: Y12/0897/SH) and it is this permission that has been implemented.

Planning officers are working closely with Folkestone Harbour Company to ensure progress on conditions attached to the outline planning permission and are progressing with reserved matters applications for later phases.  Phase 1 of the project is nearing completion (known as Plot B1) for 84 houses and apartments at the western end of the site. Reserved matter have been granted for further phases including Plot A at the most western part of the site and Plot C and D in the centre of the development.

The approved outline planning application includes new public spaces and community benefits including a boardwalk along the beach, which has already been provided and contributions of £3.5 million towards the restoration of the Leas Lift, play and exercise equipment and further enhancements to the Lower Leas Coastal Park and other community projects.

Shorncliffe Garrison

Planning reference: Y14/0300/SHMap

The redevelopment of land at Shorncliffe Garrison, including up to 1,200 new homes was approved on 17 December 2015. The development includes affordable housing, community services, new primary school and nursery. combined new pavilion/cadet hut facility at The Stadium, retained cricket pitches including mini football pitches, public open space and toilets are amongst the key features of the scheme.

Reserved Matters applications for:

  • The Pavilion at The Stadium site, the Somerset Barracks site, Phase 2, (127 homes, doctors surgery and commercial floor space),
  • Cheriton Court Road (40 homes),
  • The Officers Mess, Phase 2 (44 dwellings),
  • Burgoyne Barracks North and Napier Barracks (350 dwellings, landscaping, infrastructure, earthworks at Phases 2 and 4)
  • Risborough Barracks, Phase 3 (230 dwellings and social infrastructure) have all been granted permission.

The Stadium development Phase 1 is now almost complete.

Martello Lakes/Nickolls Quarry

Planning reference: Y06/1079/SH and Y15/0094/SH


Outline planning permission was granted for mixed use development comprising 1,050 new homes, employment space, community centre, public open space and provision of two new access points to Dymchurch Road. The development also includes site restoration and the raising of land levels on 7 May 2010.

The reserved matters for Phase 1 have been approved and construction has commenced on site.


Planning reference: Y14/0873/SH


Hybrid application for the redevelopment of land between the A20 and M20 at Sellindge was approved on 22nd January 2016.  The development proposal comprises up to 250 new homes, local mixed-use centre including new parish council offices and associated commercial floorspace together with access from the A20.

Full planning permission was granted for 50 homes comprising Phase 1 of the development, with Reserved Matters application for up to 190 homes granted under planning reference Y18/0402/SH.

The development is near completion.

Land rear of Rhodes House/ Grove Park

Planning reference: Y16/1122/SH

Outline planning permission was granted under planning reference Y16/1122/SH for neighbourhood extension for the creation of up to 162 houses including affordable, self-build and retirement housing, up to 929 square metres B1 business floorspace and allotments.

Reserved matters have been granted under reference 21/0270/FH for 34 dwellings and 20 self-build plots.  These works have commenced on site.

Planning Performance Agreement relating to development at Otterpool Park

Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) has been entered into by Cozumel and Folkestone & Hythe District Council as joint promoters of Otterpool Park, by Folkestone & Hythe District Council as local planning authority, and by Kent County Council.

The PPA is project management tool that follows best practice by setting out an efficient and transparent planning process for taking forward Otterpool Park. The document sets out the work that will be carried out by all the parties in terms of master planning, providing an evidence base for the Core Strategy Local Plan review and the information needed to support future planning application.

Planning Performance Agreement relating to development at Otterpool Park (PDF, 590KB)

The PPA is kept under regular review and revised Appendix shows progress on the planning of Otterpool Park.

Updated PPA Timetable August 2018 (PDF, 177KB)

Updated PPA Planning Application Validation List Revised August 2018 (PDF, 301KB)

Planning Performance Agreement relating to the development of Otterpool Park - Appendix revised - March 2018  (PDF, 273KB)

More information on Otterpool Park  

New Romney Broad Location


broad location for residential development to the north of the town centre, comprising around 300 homes,  is supported by Core Strategy Local Plan policy CSD8.

Outline permission (Y10/0698/SH) and Reserved Matters (Y15/0710/SH) for 55 homes have been approved at the former Romney Marsh Potato Company site, with development well under way.

Outline permission (Y15/0164/SH) has been granted on part of the remaining site, with Reserved Matters (Y17/0674/SH) for 109 homes currently under consideration.

further application (Y14/1411/SH) on the remaining site area for up to 117 homes has been accepted but is awaiting issue, subject to the  completion of legal agreement.

Land west of Ashford Road, New Romney

Planning reference: 20/2068/FH

Outline planning permission was granted under planning reference 20/2068/FH for development of 87 dwellings with open space, landscaping and access.