Council policy documents

A list of our principle documents and policies


Anti-Fraud and Corruption (PDF, 387KB)


Cemetery Regulations (PDF, 178KB)
Code of Corporate Governance (PDF, 359KB) 
Corporate Plan 2021-30 (PDF, 47.32MB)
Council Tax Section 13A Discretional Relief Policy (PDF, 201KB)
Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy (PDF, 426KB)
Cycling Plan (PDF, 1.86MB)


Dealing With Unreasonably Persistent Complainants and Unreasonable Complainant Behaviour (PDF, 208KB)
Donated Memorial Benches Policy (PDF, 770KB)


Enforcement Policy 2016 (PDF, 160KB)
Equality and Diversity Policy (PDF, 845KB)


Flooding and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Policy Statement (PDF, 102KB)


Home Energy Conservation Act (PDF, 329KB)
Home Ownership Policy (PDF, 320KB)
Housing Allocation Policy (PDF, 769KB)
Housing Assistance Policy (PDF, 322KB)
Housing Benefit, Council Tax, and Non-domestic Rate Anti-fraud Policy (PDF, 151KB)
Housing Community Safety Policy (PDF, 154KB)
Housing Compliance - (Gas and Heating) Policy (PDF, 344.13KB)
Housing Compliance - Controlled Access Statement (PDF, 110.58KB)
Housing Management Policy (PDF, 397KB)
Housing Revenue Account Business Plan (PDF, 1.33MB)
Housing Right-to-Buy Policy (PDF, 411KB)
Housing Shared Ownership Policy (PDF, 338KB)
Housing Strategy (1.29MB)
Housing Repairs and Maintenance Policy (PDF, 496KB)
Housing Rechargeable Repairs Policy (PDF, 391KB)


Licensing Enforcement Protocol (PDF, 459KB)
Licensing Policy Statement (PDF, 1.62MB)


Metal Detecting Policy (PDF, 135KB)


Partnership Policy (PDF, 476KB)
Pay Policy Statement 2023 (PDF, 182KB)
Pay Policy Statement Appendix 1 (PDF, 408KB)
Pay Scale (Senior) Appendix 2 (PDF, 15KB)
Playing Pitch Strategy (PDF, 14.8MB)
Procurement Plan
Publication Scheme


Recruitment and Selection Policy (PDF, 560KB)
RIPA policy 15 - 2022 (PDF, 440KB)
Non-RIPA Policy 2022 (PDF, 109KB)
Risk Management Policy (PDF, 520KB)


Sandbag Policy (PDF, 131KB)
Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) (PDF, 71KB)
Street Naming and Numbering Policy (PDF, 304KB)


Tenancy Policy (PDF, 536KB)
Tenancy Strategy (PDF, 261KB)


Concerns regarding whistleblowing can be raised on the following hotline number: 01304 872 198
Whistleblowing Protocal (PDF, 141KB)