Leadership team

Details of our senior leadership team and the areas they oversee.

Chief Executive 

Dr Susan Priest

An image of the chief executive of our leadership team within the council, Susan Priest.

As Chief Executive, Susan has overall responsibility for the delivery of our services.

Susan oversees all staff and works closely with councillors to provide leadership and strategic direction.

In addition, Susan also carries out the role of Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer.


 Place - Ewan Green 

An image of our director of place within our leadership team, Ewan Green.

Ewan leads on:

  • Licensing                                                                                                                            
  • Environmental Health
  • Economic Development 
  • Waste
  • Building Control 
  • Development Management 
  • Customer Services 
  • Communities
  • Grounds Maintenance 

Housing and Operations - Andy Blaszkowicz

An image of the director of housing and operations in our leadership team within the council, Andy Blaszkowicz.

Andy leads on:

  • Transportation 
  • Estates and Assets 
  • Engineering and Buildings
  • Housing Management 
  • Strategic Development 

Interim Corporate Services (Section 151 Officer) - Lydia Morrison

A headshot of the Interim Director of Corporate Services Lydia Morrison

Lydia leads on:

  • Human Resources
  • Finances 
  • Revenue and Benefits 
  • ICT and Digital Services
  • Care Services (Corporate Services) 
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Monitoring Officer 
  • Legal Services 
  • Democratic and Committee Services and Freedom of Information 
  • Leadership Support
  • Procurement and Corporate Contracts
  • Communications and Engagement 
  • Lifeline