Safe taxi journeys home

Advice when using taxis

An image of the FHDC taxi license plates

All taxis and private hire vehicles are licensed by the council and must display identity plates as detailed below. Drivers must carry an identification badge.

To be licensed, vehicles and drivers complete various regular safety checks to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy and that drivers are responsible.


Hailing a taxi

  • Hackney carriages or ‘black cabs’ can be hired from taxi ranks, hailed (flagged down) in the street or pre-booked.
  • Taxi vehicles (licensed by Folkestone & Hythe District Council) have an orange and white identification plate with black numbers on the rear and a roof light.

 Booking a private hire vehicle

  • These are pre-booked through a licensed operator (cannot be flagged down or use taxi ranks)
  • Private hire vehicles have a purple and/white identity plate with black numbers on the rear of the vehicle and purple/white side stickers with the council logo.

If you are in any doubt that the vehicle is not a taxi or private hire vehicle do not use it.

For more information about using taxis or private hire vehicles, or to make a complaint visit

Additional resources can be found by visiting the suzy lamplugh trust website.