Councillors' allowances

Any information regarding current and historic councillors' allowances can be found on this page.


The council pays allowances to its councillors to support their work as members of the local authority.

Each council sets its own rates for allowances, however the rate is decided with the help of our Independent Remuneration Panel which reviews allowances and makes recommendations to the council.

All councillors receive a basic annual allowance and those with particular roles in the authority also receive special responsibility allowances.

Councillors can also claim certain expenses such as the costs of travelling to meetings on official council business.

From 2018/19 the list of members allowances and expenses will be published solely on an annual basis in accordance with the Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003.  The quarterly information previously provided will be incorporated in this document.


Current allowances scheme

Download the current councillors' allowances scheme for details of allowances and expenses payable.

pdf icon Constitution - Part 9 Members' Allowances [714kb]

Members' allowances

pdf icon Members Allowances and Expenses 2018-19 [60kb]

Annual reports

2018 - 2019

pdf icon Independent Remuneration Panel report 2019 [265kb]


pdf icon Annual 2017-18 Members' allowances and expenses [27kb]


pdf icon Annual 2016-17 Members' allowances and expenses [32kb]


pdf icon Annual 2015 - 2016 Members' allowances and expenses [140kb]


pdf icon Annual 2014 - 2015 Members' allowances and expenses [234kb]


pdf icon Members' Allowances and Expenses Annual 2013 - 2014 [56kb]


pdf icon Annual 2012 - 2013 Members' allowances and expenses [107kb]

Quarterly reports 2017-2018

pdf icon Members' Allowances Apr - Jun 2017 [98kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Jul - Sep 2017 [102kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Oct - Dec 2017 [20kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Jan - Mar 2018 [103kb]

Quarterly reports 2016-2017 

pdf icon Members' Allowances Oct - Dec 2016 [18kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Apr - June 2016 [23kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances July - Sept 2016 [23kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Jan - Mar 2017 [481kb]

Quarterly reports 2015-2016

pdf icon Members' Allowances Oct - Dec 2015 [29kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances Jan - March 2016 [29kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances July - September 2015 [24kb]
pdf icon Members' Allowances April - June 2015 [120kb]